How to Select Materials for Rotary Drum Dryer?

Heating medium and the decision of the highest temperature is treated the properties of solid materials, and the other factors, such as whether to allow contaminated. If treated solid materials are not afraid of the high temperature, and the final product, allows the slightly polluted in the process, flue gas can be used as a heating medium, then can get the volume of a high rate of evaporation and thermal efficiency. For example, to import material dry moisture content is higher, the gas inlet temperature is 300 degrees, the volume of a dryer evaporation rate for 5 kg/M3 / h thermal efficiency is 30% - 50%;If gas inlet temperature is 500 degrees, the rate of evaporation volume of 35 kg/M3 / h.

So for processing shuo ore, sand, coal, phosphorus calcium sulfate or other materials of drum dryer bucket with direct combustion furnace flue gas, gas fuel can be coal, oil, natural gas, etc. Such as processing of the material in rotary drum dryer is not permitted to pollution, as a heating medium with hot air, hot air is the air preheater heating, heating medium available steam heater, electric heater, or use the flue by the methods of hot air preheater heating, can also be used for other industrial waste heat to heat the air, and also useful for indirect heating way, namely, heat the metal wall to be dry material, such as external heating type rotary drum dryer.

If the dried objects should not be polluted, and do not allow the diluted by air, the heat should be moving through the wall to, at this point, the drum load brick indoor, outside the cylinder in flue gas, also can carry tube center pipe or column installed in the pipe, casing and other surface heat exchanger, using metal wall heat transfer. Heating medium for the flue gas, steam or electric heating. Load of rotary drum dryer ( is dry material, only through the clean gas, moisture will evaporate away. In short, the heating medium should be selected...