Introduce the Skills to Select Rotary Drum Dryer

Rotary dryer, also called rotary drum dryer, is a kind of heating device, making the material reach a certain drying degree or certain moisture content. Rotary dryer machine is widely suitable for drying slag, limestone, coal powder, clay and other materials in such industries as building materials, metallurgy, chemical industry, cement, etc. Therefore, there are limesteon dryer machine, coal slime dryer machine, clay drying machine, and so on. Here Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. wll introduce the skills to select rotary drum dryer:

1. Working principle owing to its design

Drying equipment upside of regurgitation of a wet material layer, with air drier set special mixer features such as; Rake combined drying and air drying of rotary dryer , stir to viscous material (such as coal slime, shortage of sludge), greatly improves the material and the contact area of heat medium, is advantageous to the drying process, the shortage of improving the efficiency of drying.

2. Look from the drying process manufacturers strength

Fote rotary dryer drying technology is advanced, high temperature drying process, the heat transfer coefficient is big, high thermal efficiency, large intensity of drying.Strong engineering machinery enterprises are always the competitiveness of the promotion itself and the degree of famous brand, expand the gap with competitors brand itself.

3. What Matters in the stability of the finished products

Henan Hongji design the whole rotary dryer of drying production line, which covers an area of an area small, wide range of science, materials design, simple operation, less maintenance, drying product quality is stable.

4. Beware of advertising fraud

A part of the dryer manufacturers, products that cost and accounted for half of the main spending, add to the dryer machine price, its advertising intangible users in virtually out of money.

5. With less investment and more profits

The selection of rotary dryer machine...