How to Perfect Crushing Cavity of Roller Crusher?

Roll crusher can be applied in the industries of cement, the chemical industry, mining, metallurgy and building material, which is suitable for the medium crushing on the material. And the discharging granularity can be adjusted freely, so we must have one process of iron cleaning before the crushing process, because the hard iron material will bring much more damage to the crushing machine. But do you know How to Perfect Crushing Cavity of Roller Crusher?

According to the situation of our country, will improve the work efficiency of finely double roll crusher problems, put forward the following feasible reform measures:A, improvement of the crushing cavity design, main parameters optimizationThe shape of the crushing cavity, born of the roller ore.And main parameters of the roller crusher eccentricity and eccentric set speed, are closely related to the shape of the crushing cavity. Crushing cavity improvement measures of roll crusher mainly include the following:

Roll Crusher

1, shorten the parallel area, ensure the ore in the parallel zone under the premise of a broken, increase crushing zone length;2, to pronounce on the surface of the cone broken line connection lines and curves, moving cone and cone of connecting points staggered, reduce the probability of blocking.3, will existing cavity shape by two tooth Angle area instead of four tooth Angle area, improve the utilization rate of the cavity and avoid uneven wear.4, eccentricity will now reduce about 15%;5, the eccentricity of the existing set of speed increased by 10% - 13%, increase the number of broken, improve the production rate.

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