Separation Principle of Hongxing Double Roller Crusher

Double roller crusher is one kind of key equipment in mining industry. How much do you know of it? Today I will introduce you the separation principle of it. Mine broken as domestic various infrastructure projects in recent years has been rapid develop. A lot of broken production companies seize the moment to launch a variety of high-end energy-saving equipment. By roll crusher to under stand, roll crusher, roll crusher on rotor cage, groove, hollow shaft, concentrate, transmission device, etc. In general like to roll crusher for crushing the roller airport strength weak there are three reasons: acid and alkali corrosion.

Henan Hongxing product double roller crusher, roll crusher, jaw crusher, sand making machine equipment and other products ,which has built the good development of word of mouth in the operation area. Such conditions can be measured with gauss meter: install base with hollow bearing a benchmark for measuring the elevation and levelness. Positioning of the roll crusher is under the frame as the benchmark. Rotor cage with upper and lower clearance adjustment of roll crusher must be accurate, its clearance limit deviation. As mentioned, metallurgy led to the development of coal industry development, the development of the coal industry and promote the development of the mining crushing machinery, etc., circulation way of promoting the social economy plays a vital role.

Below, flushing water adsorption in the upper part of the tooth plate mineral filling to lower tooth plate. And body with a compound cone amount of mineral inclusion of gangue into red star slot, the discharge outside, when the rotation and the roll crusher center line in the vertical position, sorting box then is in the neutral zone, rinse mouth spray into the high pressure water by concentrate, concentrate into the trough. In the discharge closed and complete beneficiation process. Native constitute four independent separation processes, is generally parallel operation, can also...