Analyze the Productivity of Roller Crusher for Sale

Roll rusher has many names such as roller crusher, double-roller crusher and double-geared roller crusher. Roll crusher is a crushing machine making use of the frictional forces of the roller surface to bite the materials to the crushing area and bend, split and crush the materials. When used for coarse crushing or it needs to increase the crushing ratio, tooth or groove will be cut on the roller surface to increase the splitting force.

There are many factors of Influencing the production capacity of roller crusher. Here Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. summarizes the factors:

1. The composition of the material. The more powder the material contains before the materials crushed, the bigger the influence of the crushing because those powders are easy to adhesion to affect the delivery. So it should be screened in advance for the materials which contain too many powders.

2. The humidity of material, which means that if the material contains much moisture the materials are easy to adhere to the crusher and also easy to seal the crusher in the process of feeding and conveying, which causes broken ability reduce.

3. The hardness of the material.

The harder the materials are, the more difficult it is to crush the materials and the more serious is the wear of the equipment. And which lead the crushing speed slow, of course the broken ability is small.

4. The fineness of the broken materials, which means that the finer the required fineness of the broken materials is, the smaller the broken ability is.

5. The viscosity of the material.

That is, the bigger the viscosity of the material, the more likely the adhesion of the materials are.

6. The wear resistance of the broken pieces of broken equipment

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