Did You Notice to Crushing Cavity of Sand Maker?

Artificial sand maker machine consists of feed hopper, distributor, vortex crushing cavity, impeller, shaft, base, transmission device and motor assembly etc of seven parts. Each main paer of Artificial sand maker production line is as follows:

1. The feed hopper Into the structure of the hopper into a handstand trustum of a pyramid body (or cylinder), inlet set wear ring, from feeding equipment of the incoming hopper into the crusher.

2. The distributor of Artificial sand maker: Distributor is mounted on the vortex crushing cavity, the upper part of the role of the distributor is to shunt from hopper incoming, so part of the material through the center into the feed tube directly into the impeller were accelerated to high speed ejection out gradually, so another part of the material from the outer edge of the center into the feed tube, the bypass into the vortex crushing cavity inside the outer edge of the impeller, high speed by mass ejection from the impeller material impact crushing, no increase in power consumption, increase production capacity, improve the efficiency of crushing.

3. The vortex crushing cavity of Artificial sand maker: Vortex structure of the crushing cavity shape for the upper and lower cylinder composed of two pieces of annular space, the impeller in the vortex crushing cavity high-speed rotation, vortex crushing cavity of Artificial sand maker can reside within the material, form the lining material, the material of the broken process occurred in vortex broken cavity, comprises a lining material will be separated vortex crushing chamber wall, crushing effect between the crushing effect is limited to the material, have the effect of wear-resisting since the lining. Observation hole of Artificial sand maker is to observe the impeller flow channel launch mouth the abrasion of wear resistant block and vortex crushing cavity at the top of the liner wear, crusher observation hole sealing must be locked at work. Distributor fixed...