How to Make Sushi at Home

How to make Sushi at home
I. how many people have tasted Sushi before. ? wow , almost everyone have eaten sushi before. As we all know, Sushi is the most famous Asia food in the world, lots of people love sushi, but think it can only be procured ouside the is wrong , It is easy to make Sushi at home. It's cheaper than going out and can be quite fun.
II. Today I will show you how to make Maki sushi – sushi roll,. which is the most popular variety of sushi in America,
I. First main point: First, I would like to show you what we need to make Sushi. 1.Rice cooker   2.Bamboo sushi-roll mat   3.Sushi knife or very sharp knife     4.Clean cutting board
When we have all the basic equipments, we should start preparing Sushi ingredients.  
2. Maki sushi has 3 layers, which means this type Sushi need 3 different ingredients –nori, rice and fillings.
1. Nori is a thin sheet of seaweed, ideal for rolling sushi.
2.   No matter what kind of sushi is your favorite, the constant is rice: that which binds everything together. , the first thing you need to do is buy some good quality Japanese rice. Japanese rice is a short grain rice that gets sticky when it’s cokked. You can find it in Winco .    
B. Subpoint: The fillings, usually Two vegetables or other fillings. Vegetables are your best opportunity for creativity when making sushi.
Some popular fillings include cucumber, avocado, carrots and asparagus.
today we use carrot, cucumber and imitation crab sticks.
cut the carrots in half long wise and then cut them into long skinny strips. Repeat on the cucumber
1. Sub-subpoint: Cut the crab into little strips and make sure they are pretty even in length
Transition:   When we have prepared all the ingredients, we can move to next step: making Sushi.
II. Third main point:   Making Sushi .
(1) Lay the Bamboo sushi-roll mat on a cutting board with bamboo strips going horizontally from you.
(2) Place the Roasted-Seaweed (Nori) on top of the bamboo mat