Evry Home Has a Heart

Every home has a unique spot that we call the "heart". The place that we feel an special feeling toward it. In this essay I will talk about that specific place that makes special my home, where my family and I spend beautiful moments. The dinning room, is where I feel is   the heart of my home, because there is where we have special speeches, prayers with God and meals with all the members of my family. Usually there is where we all discuss something special that has happened to us during our day or something that we want to share.

          We don’t always spend all the meals together but usually at night we share dinner. The first thing that we do when we seat for our food is giving thanks to God. We always place God first in our home because we think he’s the one who gives us the place we are living, the food, peace and harmonity in our family. When we are praying each of us has to say a prayer thanking God for something or asking him for some problem that we want him to resolve. I think that this dynamic that we practice gives us strength as a family it helps my siblings to have some religious guide and teach them to always place God first. This room is the one that we give more respect because as God said all the food is sacred. We have a painting of the last supper, to remember us that is a sacred place that we need to respect. Mostly there is where we have the greatest connection with God and that is one reason I feel special this place.

            After our prayers we are ready to take our sacred food. Usually all the meals that we take are nanny´s recipes. She is really good at cooking and my mom, my grandmother, my siblings and I love what she prepare always. My siblings always help on preparing what we are going to drink and I love to prepare the desserts. We always do the same but we have a day that we consider more special and are sundays. That day we prepare usually a barbecue and my uncles and cousins come to my house. That`s the day of the...