Richard the 3rd Supernatural Theme

‘vivid* as spectres - t*he air swarmed with Catherine’s’  
(Chapter 3, Page 19)
      Supernatural foreboding that the spirit of Catherine will   soon appear.     *‘”*Let me in!*”* and maintained its tenacious grip’
(Chapter 3, page 25)
      _Catherine is always trying to get back home to Wuthering heights,   this quote shows that even in death, her spirit seems to continue   trying to make the journey home._     *‘Mrs.* Earnshaw’s death, which happened less than two years after,’
(Chapter 4, Page 37)
      From the start misery and death seem to follow Heathcliff     ‘The devil had seized her ankle’
(Chapter 6, page 48)
      _Catherine is always described as “wicked” or as a “witch”     the fact that Heathcliff says that the devil has seized her     has a supernatural foreboding that something is holding   her down and trapping her. We see that after this incident,   Cathy never seems to quite escape the hold that Thrushcross   Grange has on her.   _     *‘and* the last of the ancient Earnshaw Stock’
(Chapter 8, page 62)
      Ominous_ sense of the end of the family is conveyed through   nelly’s words_     *‘what* an infernal house’
(Chapter 8, page 64)
      Words point to the idea of hell     *‘wicked* aunt *cathy*’
(Chapter 8, page 69)
      “wicked” once again used to describe _cathy, hinting   that since Heathcliff is always related to the devil, cathy   and Heathcliff are truly soulmates_     *‘like* wine through water, and altered the color of my mind’
(Chapter 9, page 78)
      The simile presents the notion of a dream as a kind of ghostly   presence     ‘We’re dismal enough without conjuring up ghosts and visions’
(Chapter 9, Pg. 78)
      Cathy is presented once again as a wicked witch, conjuring   up images.     ‘I might shape a prophecy, and foresee a fearful catastrophe’
(Chapter 9, 78)
      Nelly seems to have prophetic ability     ‘Heaven did not seem to be my home’
(Chapter 9, pg. 78)