How to Get an Apatment

How To Get An Apartment After High School
Leaning how to get your own apartment right out of High School with no credit could be really frightening and a hard thing to do. I knew that one day my mother would tell me that I needed to become more independent and move out her house. I use to always say that I could not wait to be grown and have my own apartment. But I also knew I would need to save money to take care of all the bills that came with living on my own. What I didn't know was in the process of getting my own apartment that I would gain more self-esteem about doing things I have never done before, and when I am in really hard situation I still come out on top.
What I thought was going to be a fun day after graduation turned out to be a life changing event the first day to go apartment hunting. It was June 6, 2005 I was still living at home with my mother and three siblings so I got up at 5am to take a shower and shave. After I came out the shower, I started to put on my black slacks with my black long sleeve shirt that buttoned up. I sprayed on some Hugo Boss cologne and thought I was already for the day. Then I begin talking with my twin brother Cory who was in the living room also getting ready for graduation. After we were finished getting dressed we sat in the living room together and discussed the fun we had while in school and what we wanted to do after summer. After everyone in the house had finished getting dressed we left the house around 11am and headed to the school for graduation. The graduation ceremony lasted about 2hours, but after, my heart was still beating so fast I felt like it was going to pop out my chest. But that soon changed because while everyone was talking with their families and laughing, my mother was telling me that me and my twin needed to figure out what we were going to do for living arrangements. She expressed that she new someone out of high school might not be able to get an apartment but maybe I could find a roommate....