New Generations Are Getting Married Later in Life Than They Used to

New generations are getting married later in life than they used to.

As we all know, things are constantly changing.   One of the changes is that people are getting married at an older age than in the past.   This isn't surprising, really.   Most young people are not thinking of getting married; they see marriage as a general concept.   Most young people are   not even involved in a long term relationship.

In the last century the average age for marriage has increased considerably, starting in the early years (1910-1930) with an average age for marriage of 23.7 for women and 26.5 for men, to the end of (and also start of the new one) the century with an average age of 32.1 for women and 35.5 for men. The possible causes of this vast change are numerous and significant, e.g., better education levels, liberal laws, better contraception, and increase in cohabitation outside marriage.

Going deeper in the possible reasons mentioned above, I personally believe that cohabitation outside marriage is the number one reason for couples to marry later in life. This is a common issue in our society and is causing more people to live together outside of the marriage union in order to avoid certain legal responsibilities.   In such cases there is nothing which binds the couple together, but love.

In conclusion, it is valuable to mention that marriage is an important and formal commitment between two people who promise to love and care for each other during their life.   So, regardless of the age a person decides to get married, the really important issue is that they understand the meaning and benefits of marriage.