Get Back to Where You Once Belonged

Get back to where you once belonged
Brent is on his way home from school Tuesday afternoon. He lives in the northwestern part of Birmingham, a neighborhood that normally is known as “The Ghetto” of the city. Brent is 16 years old. He’s neither popular nor lonely, and as a schoolman it’s the same story, just an average kid.
Brent joined a gang couple weeks ago named: “The White Gangsters” and they are having a meeting today. The main reasons for Brent joining the gang are that his friend, Nick is the founder of it, and that Brent recently stopped playing football, so he needed something to do in his free time. The gang has got about 10 members, but Brent did only know Nick, the founder and their classmate Ashton when it was founded. The gang is only for white guys at the age of 15-19 and its purpose is to have a better status than the “colored” gangs in the neighborhood.
The meeting takes place at Nick’s place, not so far away from Brent’s flat. At the meeting the gang decides to accept a fight offer from one of the foreign gangs in the ghetto called “Pakistani Crushers”. This is the first serious fight the gang fights and a really good opportunity to prove the status of the gang. The members plan to meet them in the park next evening.
After the meeting Brent and Ashton walk home and discuss the upcoming fight. Brent acts cool and says that the fight isn’t going to be tough at all. Ashton is not so confident but he really hates the foreigners and is so willing to prove his white power.
When Brent comes home he starts thinking about what kind of mess he’s committed himself to do. He actually doesn’t have anything against foreigners, and begins to think about all the foreign people he knows. He doesn’t remember them doing anything bad to him at all.
Anyway, he knows that there isn’t a choice to back out of the gang now, because then he will lose all his friends and will be known as “the chicken that backed out” at school.
The morning after, Brent wakes up and...