How to Get Online Product for Free

The Shocking Truth About How To Get Stuff On The Net For Free!
"If it's on the net I'll get it sucka!"

Chino Casa

Hey Dude, Thanks for buying this report believe me it's the best thing you've done this year! So you wanna tricks that'll save ya $1000's of bucks! learn how to get stuff for free on the net huh? That's easy and I'll show you some down and dirty

These tricks could get ya caught by the Feds though so make sure ya follow my instructions carefully or ya could end up in the slammer!

This book comes without any guarantees and you cannot blame me if you get caught because you've not been careful enough.#

Anyways, lets cut the crap and get down to some serious online looting!

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Ok let's get tooled up! Before you do anything else you need to make sure you've got your IP address hidden, cuz ya don't want to leave any tell tale signs on your victim's servers. Your IP address is like a phone number if you hand it out willy nilly the Feds will get ya! I recommend you get Firefox browser because it's better than Internet Explorer and is perfect for your looting. Get yourself a copy of Tor this little beauty is a great proxy program which will make your identity anonymous, another application I've heard is quite good is Hide my IP 2007. After downloading and installing the above programs ensure that Tor is enabled or Hide My Ip is running and you've changed your IP address. To check that your IP is successfully changed go to and check your identity

Check your calling card without Anonymouse to see what your IP address is. (It may be a good idea to use this before you activate Tor or Hide my IP just to make sure you know what your genuine IP address is.) If you IP address has been changed successfully proceed to the following step. Tactic 1 Rather easy method, but still this works for most of the sites. Its good to have an arsenal of all the methods so that you can try all of them to get an ebook. Well...