How Dreams Affect Mood

How do dreams affect moods?

“The day after I have a nightmare I get a bit jumpy and a little less social. I don’t think it’s a disorder, I mean I hope not, but I do think it’d be better to talk to someone about it.”

-Mary Saundernon, 16

“A few days ago I woke up in the morning from an amazing dream that included all of my friends, and we all went on a road trip which we’ve been dying to do. Anyways, the next day I was extremely peppy and easy to be around.”

-Anonymous, 23

“I remember a lot more nightmares then I do good dreams, so it is kind of depressing. On days I remember my nightmares I tend to separate myself from others and stay quiet, but when I have good dreams I am much more social, and joyful.”

-Amanda Willings, 15

“On the days I remember my nightmares and dreams I act normal. They don’t affect my mood because they are just part of some fantasy land in my mind. Sure they may scare me a little, but big deal? Its just a dream.”

-John Calvins, 16

“I don’t dream. Dream sounds like something you want to achieve in life, while my night thoughts are nothing more than simply that, night thoughts. I don’t change my mood when I have dreams or nightmares, because I am me, and a stupid thought isn’t gonna change that.”

-Marie Kelsing, 17

“I’d say my dreams or nightmares do affect my mood. When I have a nightmare I get scared and I don’t talk a lot and I worry a lot, but when I have a good dream I am happy and I don’t worry as much.”

-Louise Kelsing, 9

“I think that dreams don’t change my personality. Nighmares are a bit frightening sometimes, but they don’t change my mood or attitude. If I have a realistic nightmare I may be a bit more careful, and cautios, but I’m still laid back and relaxed.”

-Timothy Jefferson, 16