Studies of Religion - the Dreaming

Studies of religion |
Assessment Task 1 – |
The “Dreaming” permeates all facets of Aboriginal life. Discuss this statement with reference to five aspects of the dreaming. |
A.Clark |
Due: Week 5, Term 1 |


The Dreaming is a significant part of Aboriginal culture, as it is the basis for their culture and their everyday lives. The Dreaming does not refer to a specific time or place, but rather the past, present and future. It is still active and relevant in today’s culture, and will continue to endure forever. The Dreaming is referred to the understanding and appreciation of what Aboriginal people have around them. It consists of stories about Ancestral Beings that created the land Aboriginals inhabit today, and how these beings established landforms in the Australian landscape. The Dreaming affects numerous aspects of the Aboriginal culture and lifestyle. Some of the aspects affected by the Dreaming includes their relationship with the land, their sense of identity, ancestral beings, hunting and gathering techniques and rituals and ceremonies. All of these aspects are interconnected with each other, as the dreaming does not focus entirely on one aspect alone, but is rather a basis of life for all aspects.
For Aboriginal people the land is the centre of their beliefs. They believe that the land is still living as a part of their culture, as the land is occupied by the Ancestral Beings who taught the Law of the Indigenous Australians. The land continues to live as long as the Aborigines respect and follow the customs of their culture. The land is a sacred part of the Dreaming, as the land was formed by the Ancestors. During the Dreaming, the Ancestors came to the land and created land features, animals and plants. The Dreaming tells the stories of these Ancestral Spirits and how they moved throughout the Australian landscape to create various landforms. The Dreaming story of the Rainbow Serpent is an example of a Creation Being coming to the...