The Kite Runner 1-12

The Kite Runner
Chapter 1
  1. The flashback creates a mysterious mood filled with tragedy and remorse. I believe that without the flashback there would be no chapter 1. Chapter 1 is the main character reflecting on his past. Without the flashback there would no chapter 1, no setting, and no reason to for the reader to read the novel.
  2. From the first paragraph we know that the narrator is 38 and has been through a tragedy at the age of 12 that has changed his life. Also, we know that the narrator is living in San Francisco and that he has a friend that lives in Pakistan, who brings up something terrible in the narrator’s past.
  3. The mood the two kites create is two friends playing with kites. The author creates this mood with giving the kites personification.
Chapter 2
  1. Hassan has a face much like a Chinese doll with some defaults. He is very trustworthy and a good friend of the narrator.
  2. Amir’s teacher had not said much about the Hazaras because they were Shia’s.
  3. Amir and Hassan both had become motherless when they were an infant so their fathers had hired the same women to feed the children. Also, Hassan’s first word was Amir.
Chapter 3
  1. Hosseini uses hyperboles to describe Baba, for example, Baba’s nickname is “The Hurricane” because “My father was a force of nature, hands that looked capable of uprooting a willow tree, and a black glare that would “drop the devil to his knees begging for mercy.” (P.12-13) Leading the reader to believe that Baba is a strong, capable, and in some sense ruthless. “Attention shifted to him like sunflowers turning to the sun.” (P.13) The reader can conclude Baba was very important.
  2. Amir was Baba all to himself and doesn’t want Hassan there to impress Baba. The reader starts to understand that Amir has to try and win his Baba’s approval and pride. Amir is also an unwanted child or a misunderstood child.
  3. Baba means that what Amir is learning in school isn’t what he actually...