How Does the Lignite Rotary Dryer Finish Its Task?

Fote machienry lignite rotary Dryer design fully consider the characteristics of dry filling, according to the characteristics of high moisture lignite, do the special design on cylinder internal structure, further strengthens the unity of material for broken, not only improves the thermal efficiency, and effectively avoid the phenomenon of coal in the dryer too dry.The system of lignite rotary Dryer through the lignite drying dehydration processing, can effectively improve the calorific value of lignite indexes and store the loading performance, make the indicators meet the requirements of commodity steam coal, has obvious economic benefit, environmental benefit and social benefit.

Lignite Dryer

Fote machienry lignite rotary dryer, to guarantee the quality of the same by drying lignite, under the condition of low temperature level 4 drying process, the brown coal moisture evaporates to water cut less than 13%. Primary drying area of lignite rotary Dryer under high humidity condition by 400 ℃ high temperature to remove most of the water, to ensure the lignite chemical composition does not change and not easy to burn; Secondary drying area at room temperature to 300 ℃, through WenJiangLi lead wind high in addition to water, to ensure that the coal coking; Level 3 indoor temperature 120 ℃ to 210 ℃ drying area, using the crushing plant inside the drum, repeated impact, scattered material, downstream drying; Level 4 drying area for high exhaust area, room temperature 60 ℃, 80 ℃, by lead the wind system of negative pressure low temperature heat flow out water.

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