The Improvement of Rotary Dryer

After the reform of Rotary dryer, output capacity of the machine has greatly improved and the energy consumption has reduced as well. But the reform effect of some manufacturer is not ideal. There even appear many problems which should not emerge such as cylinder lined with quick wear, filling tube and dryers head easily burnt out, shorten service life of bag filter and so on,leading the high cost of maintenance and affecting the normal production of the rotary dryer. But the all problems that are mentioned above are not caused by the technical reform.The engineer explained that the main cause of affecting the reform effect is that some manufacturer focus mainly on the local reform of a dryer,they fail to take consideration of   the overall balance of the whole drying supporting system. The machine"s design is reasonable,have reliable performance,high efficiency,dry and heat uniform,maintenance convenient,etc.Equipment adopts self-aligning type tug structure, the tug and with good tyre-roller, greatly reduce the wear and tear of power consumption.Resistance to overload ability, cylinder smooth operation and high reliability.Drying machine has the characteristics of high temperature resistant, high temperature hot air can be used for a rapid drying of material.Drum dryer processing capacity, fuel consumption, dry low cost less.The drying of ceramic products can prevent cracking of the finished product.In addition, the dryed materials are also convenient for transportation and storage, such as the harvest grain drying below a humidity in case the mildew of the grain.Because natural drying far cannot satisfy the needs of the development of production, many kinds of mechanization dryers are increasingly widely used.Welcome to have a visit to get more information.quartz sand drying machine: