Have You Known Characters of Sawdust Rotary Dryer?

The sawdust dryer machine is used to dry the wet sawdust. And the final sawdust can be used to make wood briquettes, wood pellet and so on. It is made of pipe ,fire stove, fan. We have pipe dyer and rotary dryer. Requirement for sawdust rotary dryer is as follows: 1.raw material diameter less than 5mm, length size less than 5mm. 2.raw material :rice husk, sawdust, particles of all kinds of wood branches. 3.hot air temperature:180-250. But have you ever known the characters of sawdust dryer china thus far?

The characters of sawdust dryer China are as follows:

1. High drying strength, high dealing capacity, low consumption and low drying cost.

2. Our sawdust rotary dryer for hot sale has the characteristics of high temperature resistance, and it can use high temperature hot air to dry the materials fastly.

3. It adopts self-aligning riding wheel structure, the riding wheel and roller ring cooperate well, and it can greatly reduce the wearing and power consumption.

4. Special designed catch wheel structure, which reduce the horizontal thrust caused by the equipment tilt work.

5. High resistance of overload ability, roller body is stable working and higher reliability.

The components of sawdust dryer machine include hot-air furnace, feeding inlet, rotating cylinder, filter tube, material conveyingpipe, cooling tube, discharging port and so on. The rotating cylinder is located in the riding wheel, the driving roller is driven byreducer and the power of reducer is provided by electrical motor in order to realize the purpose of low speed rotation of cylinder.The feeding port is set between hot-air furnace and rotating cylinder. Inside the cylinder, there is a lifting board. During the rotationof rotating cylinder, the lifting board raises the materials, which makes the materials and hot air fully mixed so as to rapidly dry thematerials.

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