How Does Religion Give Meaning to Peoples Lives?

Studies Of Religion (2 unit):   600 words
- How does religion bring meaning to peoples lives?

Using religion, peoples have been able to make sense of the world and live to serve a purpose or purely to find a reason or importance. People are guided to these answers through the variations of religion revolving around a higher being or transcendent God. The writings, rituals and morals supported by religious groups, heavily influence the actions and thought patterns of particular individuals and peoples. The diversity of religions and their different paradigms enthuses believers to search for evidence of their own meaning. It is this journeying through faiths where people find a purpose or meaning to their existence.

Within every religion, a different structure of characteristics are developed and preached. The essential information and core paradigm are contained within the writings of the sacred texts, they inform of the history and remind of the covenants between supernatural and physical dimensions. Rituals are used as the practical form of celebration (both private and public) when proclaiming the key paradigm of a religion. Most rituals are reflections of the events occurring within the sacred writings and texts, some aspects however have evolved with time, e.g. The Catholic masses performed in the language of origin for the people, not latin. Through instigating a direction or pathway for God’s to be celebrated, guidance is provided luring followers in the correct religious direction, allowing them structure, routine and purpose.

“ Those who submit themselves absolutely to GOD alone, while leading a righteous life, will receive their recompense from their Lord; they have nothing to fear, nor will they grieve” 
 - Quran.
Religion also brings meaning through morals that differentiate good and evil, life and death. When living life according to religious law and ethical law one assumes that all have the same moral absolutes, leaving us to...