A Study of the Existential Concepts of Relationship to Others and the Search for Meaning, Also the Transpersonal Approach to Identity, and the Merits of Applying These Concepts to the Work of the Guidance Counsellor in a Second Level School

A study of the Existential concepts of Relationship to others and the Search for Meaning, also the Transpersonal approach to identity, and the merits of applying these concepts to the work of the Guidance Counsellor in a Second level school

Two essential Existential tasks facing us as individuals are that of creating the self and the search for meaning in life. In its early development, the treatment of these two tasks by Existential writers was crucial to the theory’s subsequent growth in popularity. Recognition of the individual’s need to develop a personal identity and also the need to find meaning in life resonated strongly with many during the 18th and 19th centuries. Society had for many centuries, proceeding this period of time in history, known as the Enlightenment, accepted traditional State and Church authority. The world was ripe for a new and exciting alternative view of the individual as being the creator of their own destiny and inextricably linked to others in a shared will to relationship, to meaning, to community. In this study I will trace this development of thought, articulating in the first instance the philosophy of Kierkegaard, the Father of Existential Thought.
Moving on the study will also consider other existentialists writers who further substantiated and contributed to theories of the self and the search for meaning. To complete this part of the study it will be necessary to examine transpersonal approaches to theory. Existential writers elucidated clearly an understanding of the human person that was beyond just our physical existence. Transpersonal theory can be said I believe to complete this picture by providing a systematic methodology. This methodology allows us access I believe, metaphysical/spiritual knowledge, helping us connect to our transpersonal or spiritual energy, and thus bring the insights of this knowledge into everyday living. For the purposes of this essay we will focus on a particular field of...