Unique Amish People, Living in America

Unique Amish People, Living in America
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Prof. Unknown
July 02, 2012

Unique Amish People, Living in America
Technology allows Americans to be comfortable and yet eager for new and more innovations. During the last century new technology and improvements have made life easier for the busy and fast paced society we now live. The high cost of today had caused more to work longer hours to pay and maintain comfortable life style. Despite the necessary longer hours the average person and new technologies available for easier life, some people don’t welcome or embrace modern inventions. There is clear distinction between our culture and the Amish people living among us today. The Amish people’s way of life is much simpler without most modern conveniences which is long ingrained due to their: heritage, culture, where and how they live, (skills, income, work ethics), (clothing, weddings, and religion), and education.
Our culture here in United States places values on modern technology. According to

(“Countries and Their Cultures,” 2012) the United States is popularly regarded as a nation that

.that assimilates or absorbs immigrant’s populations to produce a standard American. Families

are busy which generally depends on state of the art gismos and gadgets to maximize

time such as the automobile and cellular phones. The industrial age spawned the age of

development and set the stage for allowing families to compromise with the work loads, which

are heavily depended upon to meet ends-meat. Their once was a time that allowed one income to

pay the bills but now typically a family needs to two incomes due to the high cost of technology


Heritage of the Amish. Amish are sometimes referred to as Amish Mennonites. The

Amish largely share a German or Swiss-German ancestry. They generally use the term "Amish"

only for members of their faith community, and not as an ethnic designation. Although more Amish...