Ethical Issues

First of all , and although I'm sure we all have a clear notion of the meaning of the word ethics , I would like to share their definition so that , before reading this article, all interpret the same thing.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with the study of rational morality, virtue and duty and determines what actions people have to practice both individual and social levels are . Therefore , it can help us to have an understanding of the reasons that can support the various behaviors of human beings. The word ethics comes from the Greek ethikos (character) and Latin Ethicus .

If we refer to the business world , we can say that professional ethics seeks to regulate the activities carried out within the framework of a profession. Sometimes this may be contained in the codes of ethics of the profession, in which a set of principles and rules that are binding on states .

And why this prologue ? For the simple fact that I want to take the opportunity of this forum for me to share my concerns about some shows I'm watching and that , in my view, does not meet the ethical codes today.

I will not comment on actions of some people in positions of power in organizations , as we well know , have caused economic disasters and in
many major personal injury cases . Performing even people who were considered " successful models " that was to follow. In this article I would like to address situations of less impact , but I believe that should not be ignored for this reason.

We know there are ethics manuals that correspond to the rules of what should be the behavior of all persons belonging to them, both directly (managers, employees, shareholders ... ) and indirect ( suppliers, customers in many organizations ... ) . The legislation is clearly related to the vision, mission and values underpinning the philosophy and culture of the company . Therefore , it is expected that all persons that make up this environment to identify with them.