Notes on my thoughts

From the time I was asked to think about my personal project topic it was always swimming and I decided to break a minute in 100m free, which I wanted to for a long time. Will I succeed or not? Going to a summer camp in august 2012 hoping to get better training and times.

September   I came back to school in a very relaxed mood. I didn’t think about swimming much. The first timed swims that I Did was 50m sprints for each stroke. I didn’t think about technique, transitions or anything to do with the particular stroke. I just swam it. My results were all personal bests in Time trials. It was the tryouts for the ABA swim team. I had no competitions in December at all. I didn’t watch any videos or anything to do with swimming except train. The only thing that I did watch over the summer was the London games where I saw the swimming and I did get inspired by some of the swimmers such as Ryan Lochte, Michael Phelps, and also new comers. I learned lots of new things just from watching them swim on TV. I practiced those things when I came back in order to start well in swimming this year. | October During this month I am mainly going to prepare for MESAC because I will be quite nervous for the tournament, as it is going to be the first time I will be going for it. I felt like the team and the coaches had lot of expectations out of me and I didn’t know if I will live up to everyone’s expectations? Everyone spoke very highly of it and how difficult it was to win something so I got the feeling of that nervousness. I spoke to my coach about the tournament and to him it was a whole bunch of garbage because he didn’t believe in interschool swimming where its all about points and winning as a team. He believed that swimming is meant to be done at a competitive level by you. You swim for times and faster times and not for placing and collecting points in order to win as a team because in real competitions its either you coming first and getting on to...