Academic Honesty

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Article Title: Academic Honesty and Online Courses In order to find this article I typed in “academic honesty” and I looked for articles that seemed to focus on the subject. The authors of this article are, Therese C. Grijalva, Clifford Nowell, and Joe Kerkvliet The article was published in March 2006. Article Name : academic honesty for a new generation I type in academic honesty and also choose the one I feel is next to the topic The Author name is : steven G Vegh The article was published in April 13, 2009 The article is peer-reviewed Truthfulness/falsehood The Database was MasterFILE Premium. Keywords: Students Teacher Education/higher Cheating {education} The article was found with Ebsco Host. As we can see that academic dishonesty has been an issue with the whole faculty and including students First if I was an instructor, I will set a strict ruling of which every student has to abide by-most likely a “3 strikes and you’re out ruling”. This way, once students see how serious faculty is about fully preventing academic dishonesty, they will avoid it altogether. Article 2-J In the Article on academic honesty I found that student and faculty have a different perception on Academic Honesty and the results show that the faculties perceive the students in negative manners which cause a lot of issues and concerns in the matter of academic honesty. It also states that a study in which the different perception on student academic dishonesty are between the faculty and students and is found to be relevant. Keyword: Academic honesty Title: Faculty perception on student academic honesty Author: Lorraine Pe Symaco This article was published on September of 2003 This article was reviewed by peers This article was found in the Gale PowerSearch database