Hl Teaching 2

1 – What are the four stages of the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) framework?
There are 4 stages that make up the EYFS framework. These stages are focusing on learning development, building positive relationships, unique children and enabling environments. These 4 stages provide guidance around intellectual development as well as best practices and procedures.
The unique children area focuses on the child’s individuality and own abilities, as well as ways to support the children to be confident, capable and self assured by giving them tools that enhance and support learning. Observations are very important from HLTA`s as they must continually plan for progress, improving positive views on culture, self identity and identifying their own needs, helping to keep the children safe, teach values and respect as well as future needs for support and guidance whilst supporting the family.
The positive relationships area focuses on the child’s learning of how to develop and maintain independent and positive relationships with family, friends and educational professionals such as teachers and HLTA`s. Its important to support the children to develop positive relationships whilst showing that HLTA`s are interested in their feelings. Its paramount that the children understand they are supported and systems have been put in place to support efforts in the classroom as well as building relationships with people included in their lives.
The enabling environments area focuses on early years development and learning within an environment that meets their individual needs whilst ensuring a strong relationship between their families and educational professionals. Its important to adapt an environment whenever is needed whilst providing stimulating lessons and resources, teaching the children about their own culture and experiences whilst allowing the children to take reasonable risks for development and exploration outside of their normal channels.
The learning development...