Hifi Essay

SWOT analysis:
● Strengths
① ‘Audiophile’ market especially for traditional
They gain profits from traditional customers in the past especially in the 1970s within ‘Audiophile’ market.   Audiophiles are keen on those sound system which produced by Linn for example at that moment.
② Improve their hi-fi products through upgrading devices
As time goes by, technologies have to be developed and improved onto a higher level. Specialists hi-fi firms like Linn, Naim and Meridian improve their products through upgrading kits and pay more attentions to the other links in the chain. For example, in 1975, Linn patented its isobaric loading principle, and launched the Isobarik lounspeaker.
③ Founders and staff are both passionate about music desire and audiophiles themselves
Founders, staff and technicians of businesses are all audiophiles themselves and master the techniques and products information very well.
④ Gain achievements
Like Linn, it has an extensive retailer network and exports to more than 50 countries; product portfolio covers a range of sources, amplifiers and speakers including surround systems and multi-room home installations; holds its own record label, recording studio and download tracks.
⑤ Genuine attitudes to customers
These three firms are all genuine to their customers. For Linn, potential customers are asked to audition the products at length deciding that it is right for their needs and the bottom line is that if it does not sound better than the competition, it is worth buying. And for Naim, servicing and repair are run on a non-profit-making basis and instead are intended to support the experience of Naim ownership.