Hhs 440 Week 5 Final Paper and Presentation

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Focus of the Final Project
The Final Project will consist of two parts, Part I: Final Paper and Part II: Final Presentation.
Part I: Final Paper
For your Final Paper, you will use the topic you selected in Week One of the course and write a six- to eight-page paper explaining a branch of health care and its corresponding technology.
Address the following as it pertains to your selected topic:
1. Introduce the topic and the pertinent forms of technology.
2. Explain how technology impacts this area of healthcare as it relates to the provision of services.
3. Discuss the following as they relate to your topic:
a. efficiency and effectiveness
b. access to care
c. accuracy of services
d. patient comfort
e. cost
f. other issues related to client/patient-centered care
4. Evaluate the strengths and limitations of the technology that supports the delivery of health care services.
5. Analyze current and future applications of technology for your topic.
6. Predict possible areas of future research or applications of technology.
Your paper must be six- to eight-pages (excluding title and reference pages) in APA format as outlined by the Writing Center. It must include an introductory paragraph with a thesis statement, and a strong concluding paragraph. Include at least five scholarly, peer-reviewed references (that were used in your Annotated Bibliography) to support your explanation. Your paper should discuss the topic with critical thought.

Part II: Final Presentation
Using the information from your Final Paper, create a ten- to twelve-slide (excluding title and reference slides) PowerPoint presentation to accompany your research. Cite any sources you use in the presentation in APA format as outlined in the Writing Center. You may use the same sources that were used in the Final Paper, but you are not limited to only...