Final Paper Emergancy Planning

Final Paper
HSM315: Emergency Planning

The Emergency Operations Plan
Promulgation Document/ Signatures
The Parker Fire Department’s mission is to partner with our communities to provide the best protection of lives and property while wisely managing resources. To accomplish this
mission, the Parker Fire Department must ensure its operations are performed efficiently with
minimal disruption, especially during an emergency. This document provides planning and
program guidance for implementing the Parker Fire Department Continuity of Operations
plan and programs to ensure the organization is capable of conducting its essential missions
and functions under all threats and conditions.
Key Parker Fire Department personnel who are relocated under this plan are collectively
known as the Wild land Fire Response Team. Upon plan activation, these members will deploy to Wild Land Fire Command and Control Center. Upon arrival, continuity personnel must establish an operational capability and perform essential functions within 3 hours from the time of the activation of the Continuity Plan, for up to a 30-day period or until normal operations can be resumed. This plan has been developed in accordance with guidance in Executive Order (EO) 123456, Assignment of Emergency Preparedness Responsibilities; National Security Presidential
Directive – 00/Homeland Security Presidential Directive – 01, National Continuity Policy;
Homeland Security Council, National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan; Federal
Continuity Directive (FCD) 1, Federal Executive Branch National Continuity Program and
Requirements, January 26, 2015; Parker Fire Department Management Directive Fire Chief John Smith; and other related Directives and guidance.
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