Select a Topic for Your Final Paper

Sandy Zavala
    For my final project, I decided to do an essay on choice number five, “ In the United States we do not need to plan for retirement.   Social Security will cover our needs for retirement.   I chose this topic for a couple of reasons.   The first was because I am getting closer to retirement and I really would like to know as much as possible on this subject.   The second reason was because last semester I was taking a class in Personal Finance and this topic was brought up and some interesting points were brought.   I feel that by doing research on the paper I will get some of the answers I am looking for.
     My point of view is that you should never rely on Social Security to take care of you when you can no longer work.   I think that people should have some other source for their retirement as a backup plan. I also believe that there may be no Social Security in the future. This is what I hope to argue in my paper. I plan on arguing this by using several different, credible sources.   This is a popular topic in today’s news so I think I will be able to find many reliable sources. In order for the reader to be persuaded I need to organize my paper well. These are some of the things that I will do to accomplish my goal.   The introduction should be catchy enough to capture the reader’s attention from the start. To do this I will start with some surprising facts or ask a startling question.   The introduction should also provide background information regarding the topic. At the end of the paragraph I will restate my point of view on the topic.   The next paragraphs will present points supporting my main idea.   Each important point should have its own paragraph.   Within these paragraphs, I will supply enough proof to support each point.   To make my point more credible, I will refrain from using the phrases “I think”, “I feel”, or “In my opinion.”   I will also refrain from using personal experiences or examples.   The conclusion of my essay should be as...