Interview Final Paper

                                              Sandra Komm
                                            January 20, 2012
                                                  BEH / 225

        This is an introduction to the interviewee.   He is a male, Caucasian, of 70 years old.   He has had a very interesting life, was brought up in a New England, family life style, with two brothers and a sister.   He graduated from High School, and went to work at agriculture, farm in New Hampshire.   After a few years he received a notice he was to report for the military, so he enlisted in the Marine Corps.   He went to Viet Nam after boot camp, volunteered.   He and all the ones that volunteered did not know what they were getting into.   After a year in Nam, he returned home and was married, still in the Marine Corps, he and his wife started a family.   Upon at the time he received orders to return back to Viet Nam, leaving his wife with a new born baby girl.   After a few months he was declared missing in action.   His wife, was left with a new baby and as many did not know when this conflict happened, the government had passed a law that when a member of the service was missing or presumed dead, all the assets of the serviceman was froze, which in short meant no money coming in for the wives or families.
    After over a year he was returned to the states, unknown that he had been listed as missing in action.   After that he had one more tour to Viet Nam but nothing out of the ordinary.   After he returned they proceeded to have two more kids.   He regrets that he spent so much time away from his children leaving his wife to be both mommy and daddy.

                                      The interview
    Fred was a very easy person to interview and interesting, as he had been many places and dealt with different people, races, religions, and cultures.   He informed me that he really had no prejudices, or hatred...