Condition Report

Barking & Dagenham College
Room C.6
Rush Green Campus
Construction & Built environment,
Dagenham Road
Essex   RM7 0XU

Inspection Date:02/12/10

Name of Surveyor : Mr Hargobind Virdee

Weather Conditions: Cold dry .

Property: Mid 50s educational Facility

Ground Floor: Interior Entrance Elevation :

The actual entrance to the building is via a main access that leads to the room that is being surveyed.  

There is a small   area out side the access to the room. The access to the room is through   a double fire door with safety glass, so these doors do comply to fire regulations.   The safety glass appears to covered with paper notices.   One door is is currently being used the other being locked.   They do seem to be the original doors.   Both the   doors have safety closers attached to them which work effectively. The doors open nice smoothly and do not appear to be faulty.
The varnish to the doors seems to have deteriated over a period of time.
This will require a light sanding & revarnish with two coats of polyurthane varnish.
A numer of notices which have been attached to the safety glass need to be removed.
At the moment it restricts veiwing in to the room for the purpose acess and entering, a safety element.

Interior of the Building

As you enter the interior of the building to be inspected the first thing you notice is that that the interior decoration seems to   be dated. It appears that a certain amount of time has alapsed since the interior had been decorated.   The paint has deteriated over period of time. Peeling is apparent in number of areas and dirty faded. This can do with updating with preparing the room for redecoration and a suitable. Paint.
The building is of good structure the four facing walls single bare brick wall that has been painted over. No plastering to wall surface area .
The structure it self is good nature.

A smoke detector has been installed on the surface of the...

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