Wear and Appearance of Army Uniforms

    AR 670-1 Is the among the   most important Army Regulations in my eyes it instills discipline and it shows soldiers that they can follow you into battle. 670-1 always sets a standard for all soldiers and now NCO’S can enforce that standard. It also informs you of what you are aloud to wear off duty. It informs soldiers what they can and can not wear. It will inform soldiers wear of jewelry. The regulations governing the military haircut, proper wear and maintenance of headgear, the Army Combat Uniform (ACUs), Class A uniform, Class B uniform, Army Service Uniform (ASU), Improved Physical Fitness Uniform (IPFU), and the Extreme Cold Weather System (ECWS), can all be found with AR 670-1.
Enforcement of the standards within the AR 670-1 are the responsibility of each and every individual solider. NCOs bare the additional responsibility of policing compliance   of soldiers under their leadership. Tools at their disposal   range from on the spot verbal correction, remedial training such as responses’ by ink, to the issue of 1408s.
These corrections are often required by the higher ranking do to the lack of   general familiarity with the regulation’s finer details.
Proper wear of the ACU in paramount to the professional appearance. There are several common violations for AR-670-1 as pertains to the ACU. Open cargo pockets, placement of   hands in pockets, patches having been placed upside down, boot laces hanging out, dirty boots, pants below the third boot eyelet, popped collar, wear on white socks, lack of ink pens, dirty uniforms, wrong color belts, wrong type of boots. Most of these violations are handled on the first line supervisor level and or by peer correction under general military authority.
The Proper wear of the headgear is very important it speaks volumes of your military bearing and your personal respect for yourself and the army of a whole. It also shows your   overall knowledge of the army and the...