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This assignment workbook is designed to cover all the requirements of the ERR component of your apprenticeship. It will look at what your employment rights are and the responsibilities you have to your employer. The only assessment you will be required to do is to fully answer all the questions at the end of this workbook and pass this to your assessor to mark. The workbook will contain most of the information you will need to answer these questions, but you will be required to gather some further documents as well. Please read the information at the front of this workbook before attempting to answer the questions. The contents of this booklet are:

|Section 1: Employment law                                                                                                   |Page 2 – 6             |
|Section 2: Local policies, contracts and agreed ways of working                                                             |Page 6 – 9             |
|Section 3: Understanding your role in the wider care sector                                                                 |Page 9 – 12           |
|Section 4: Career pathways in the care sector                                                                               |Page 12 – 15           |
|Section 5: Issues of public concern in the care sector                                                                     |Page 16 – 17           |
|Assessment Questions                                                                                                       |Page 18 – 29           |

The assessment questions will cover all the criteria for the ERR unit: Understand employment responsibilities and rights in health and social care of the Level 2 Award in ERR. Where criteria have been covered is outlined in the table below:

|Assessment Criteria...