Current Employment Trends in Health Care

Current Employment Trends in Health Care
HCS 440: Economics Financing of Health Care
Class Group No: BSCSOQ5584
University of Phoenix Online
Nina Brown
June 28, 2010
Instructor: Geoffrey Suszkowski

Staffing Shortages
The purpose of this paper is to analyze the employment trends in health care that are associated with staffing shortages. In the health care world whether, in a hospital, a clinic, doctor office, or emergency room he or she is liable for offering the best treatment feasible. Although patients expect and require, it this objective has become more and harder to reach as staffing shortages plague the production. Because nurses make up the majority of workers for hospitals, the shortage of nurses makes up nearly all of the captions. However, in many regions of the nation there are also a shortage in doctors, pharmacists, and laboratory specialists. The health care industry has been undergoing staffing deficiency in the past and present. This trend’s main consequence is a downfall in performance of hospitals and insufficient health care services for uninsured, homeless, and migrating individuals (University of Washington Health, 2006).This paper will highlight the influencing, economic effects, governmental and societal roles, and the future consequences for staffing shortages.
Influence for Staffing Shortages
Health care staffing shortages are normally unequal and reappearing with the arrival of illness developments and continual infection moving backward by means of revenge, there have been changes in the treatment field in the health care businesses. Nurses along with additional personnel are mostly the setback when concerning employment. Because of the rising requirements, extended hours, financial inadequacy, and nursing errors are not hopeful or significant to maintain nurses in this line of work....