Health Care

Condition of Medical Health Care in India
History of Health Care
The health care in India controlled by the National Health Policy which was formulated in 1983 by the Government of India and the main motive of this policy has to raise the level of nutrition and the improvement of public health. Central Government focuses on this policy by major health care schemes in five years plan. Ministry of health and family welfare manages both administrative and technical services for the health sector. The sixth Five Years (FY) plan committed to provide health care services to all by 2000 and the expenditure in this period varies from states to states. The per capita expenditure on health care in India is very law comparing to other countries like china. The total expenditure in the health care in the seventh FY plan was 33.9 billion which approximately the double of the sixth FY plan. The expenditure in health care grew proportionally to GDP but the percentage of the total outlay has decreased, from 3.3 % in the first FY plan to 1.9 % in the seventh FY plan. But in the Eight FY plan this percentage had increased to 4.3% of the total plan expenditure.
The total projected budget for the health & family welfare in Eleventh FY plan was 1.2 lakh crores which is approximately four times of the tenth FYplan. The expenditure as percentage of the total government expenditure on health sector in tenth FY plan has decreased from 3.2% to 2.9% which itself is significant decline.
*Objectives of the Government in Eleventh Five Years P*lan
  Reducing Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR) to 1 per1000 live   births.
      Reducing Infant Mortality Rate (IMR) to 28 per 1000 live births.
      Reducing Total Fertility Rate (TFR) to 2.1.
      Providing clean drinking water for all by 2009 and ensuring   no slip-backs.
      Reducing malnutrition among children of age group 0–3 to half   its present level.
      Reducing anaemia among women and girls by50%.