Health Anf Social Care

jane reid
What role does communication play in the dying process and what challenges can effective communication presents to professional carers?
“How communication happen can have a significant impact on the quality of life in the dying process” (quoted from block2, pg. 40). Attitude towards death and dying influence how dying people are cared for.
Communication is a two way process where the message is conveyed to someone or a group of people whether good or bad. Whenever the message is conveyed clearly and unambiguously, then it is known as effective communication. However, a communication becomes successful only if the receiving person understands what the other person has said.
For many people the thought of dying evokes as much fear as does the thought of death itself. Therefore discussing the dying process as well as thinking about how one’s last days or months might be spent can be very beneficial. Many individuals experience difficulties in communicating with dying people. For some people the grief that they experience in anticipation of a love one’s death may help to explain difficulties in interacting with terminal ill individuals. This takes me back to my first assignment.
According to Robert Buckman (1998) there are three main reasons why he thinks people may find it difficult to discuss about death. (Block 2, pg. 44, 45) First social causes where as death and dying is seen as the forbidden subject. Secondly, Psychological causes, not feeling emotionally able to handle the intensity of the situation. Last Buckman mentioned difficulties related to the person delivering care. For example, since I have helped cared for my late grandmother I sometimes find it uneasy in being around dying persons. It has become more difficult speaking or even maintaining eye contact with dying persons.
Having awareness on how death is talked about is very important. It should be taken into consideration the use of language in any situation. For...