Health and Social Care

UNIT CU1515                   CATHRYN THOMPSON
  1.1 To express needs, share ideas and information, to reasure people and express feelings, ask questions and to build relationships. Communication is a basic requirement of my job as a carer to communicate with individulas there families and other members of staff on a daily basis. communication between myself and other staff ensures good teamwork and high standards of care. Residents communicate with us too express there needs and prefrences, as a carer I would discuss the options and choices available to allow them to make a choice regarding there care.

1.2 In my job as a carer I need to be able to communicate with residents, work collegues, visitors and family and also any professionals that come to the home.
                    Collegues : building a good work relationship with each one, understading others skills, abilites and professional approach to work. To enable us all to provide a high level of care to each resident.
                    Residents : Being respectfull when communicating with residents, using different types of communication like picture cards so they understand, show empathy and understanding. also positive body language. this is important to ensure im caring for the resident to there needs.
                      Family : being professional and respectfull at all times, informing of anything regarding there relative but also ensuring confidentiality is maintained, building a good relationships with families enables trust between myself and the person and good communication enables them to know there relative is being well cared for.
1.3 Communication isnt just about what I have spoke to a person but also if they have understood. some residents cannot speak verbally to let me know if they have understood so watching there body language will help me to see that they understood what I said. Also if the person I am talking...