Health and Social Care

reflective practice is when you think through what has happened during the day, refleck on the situtaions you deallt with, the jobs that you completed and the conversations you had. If you take time out to do this when you out of the heat of the situation you can reflect on what has happened. This will give you time to think about what you did, did you deal with the situation well and if you find yourself in the same situation again what you could do better.
If you need to make any changes you can talk over what has happened with a colleague or senior
and plan how you can do better.

Task two learning aim 1
1.2 explain the inportance of reflective practice in continously inproving the quality of service prover

reflective practice is inportant to any carer as it give you time to think over the days evets, when you are calm and notin the heat of the moment..
  this will allow you to deiced if the choices you made were in the best intests of the service user and if what was said and done made the situation better or worse. It will bring up any weekness and give allow you deiced if you need to do more training so that you handle the situation differently next time. It may be that you just need to talk to a senior member of the organisation and deiced between you what would be a better way of dealing with the situation.

Task three learning aim 1

1.3 explain how standards inform reflective practice in adult social.

Standards are the poilcys and procedures that you are expected to work towards in your daily practices as a care worker. It is inportant that you ensure that your you are working inside the guidelines that they set out.

Task four learning aim 1
1.4 explain how own values, belief system and experience may effect working practice.
everyone has their own beliefs and values and this is what makes up unicke and speical. We tend to want to spend more time with someone that has the same beliefs and values as ourself but as a...