Health and Social Care

Nadine joy alveranga
Communication 58b

There are many different theories based in health and social care settings to help to attribute towards effective communication, and is crucial for the wellbeing of individuals the bandura’s social learning theory could work in this scenario in that the doctor would have got training by observing senior doctors who are who has the experience and skills that will prove him as a role this theory we learn by observation. Attention. Behavioural reversal. Retention (memory) and motivation. Perhaps these were the skills that the doctor could use as there was no motivation in his actions doctor in approaching this situation more effectively as he had already made up his mind on watching Anne’s body language it was on his own presumption and nothing to do with Anne’s medical history that he arrived to the answer that she was drunkreconditioning the mind to not into not judging someone on face value no matter how many times you, may has witnessed the same thing. In relation to these theories health care workers deal with so many different service users with different behaviours, medical problems, communication capabilities so be able to get the cooperation from the service user and establish rapport and meet the needs that they have whether physical/mental/emotional is very important for their well being  

1.2 Use communication skills in a health and social care setting
Definition of communication is the imparting/exchanging of information by speaking writing/using some other medium.
Communication in the health and social setting is of great importance as a service user you need to communicate your ailment, in order to receive the best care, providing care to a patient is next to impossible if the patient needs cannot be clearly stated. Communication eases anxiety and eliminates more possibilities for mistakes, and lets each party know what is expected of them.   Anne was unable to tell the doctor...