Health and Social Care

Describe the potential effects of discriminatory practice on those who use health or social care services.

Marie is an 18 year old girl who lost the use of her legs when a tragic car accident left her paralysed. Marie is now permanently wheelchair bound and relies on the help of her mum at home. Sometimes the stress of being in a wheelchair gets Marie down because she can’t do the things that her friends are doing. Marie has restricted opportunities and this can sometimes trigger aggression, this often happens with her mum and Marie’s lashes out when she can not do things for herself.
All people who have a physical disability should not find it difficult using health and social care services. All health and social care services should have the correct equipment such as; ramps and lifts etc to make it easier for people who have a disability to use the service and have treatment. If Marie had a hospital appointment and it was on the first floor of the hospital and the lift was broken, this would cause extreme problems for Marie. It would not be possible for the doctor to leave their station to go down and speak to Marie and Marie would not be able to get up to the first floor to see the doctor so this would result in Marie being let down by health and social care service and missing her appointment. As Marie would be able to see people using the stairs and walking about this could trigger her aggression as this (walking) is something that she can not do for herself. Marie has really low self-esteem because of her being in a wheelchair and this knock back would not help her confidence and could possibly make Marie withdraw from everyone around her including her mum who cares for her on a day to day basis. If lifts do become broken there should always be an alternative available for people who are unable to use the stairs. People may not realise that something as simple as using a set of stairs can have huge affects on the way a person feels and also how they...