Health and Social Care

D2: Evaluate how the nutritional plan might improve the health of the chosen individual.
This assignment requires me to evaluate how my nutritional plan for Maria might improve her health, I will be doing so by explaining how the methods to prepare the food will better her diet and health, also I will be explaining how these methods will be used to help her dietary intake and health.
Maria is a 17yr old girl in her second year of college, up until now Maria has had a very unhealthy diet and doesn’t care for how much food she’s consuming or what it contains. As a raised Muslim, in her house hold they practise to only eat halal meats and she is not to have pork in her diet. This has restrictions on the type of food she decides to have I her diet. Being anorexia nervosa means that Maris needs to eat the fat foods such as pork in order to maintain her body fat, this is not always possible as Maria is a Muslim. The body mass index (BMI) varies from height and weight. Maria is 5’7 and weighs 150pounds, which makes her BMI 23.5.
I have made a plan for Maria which promoters healthy eating but also helps Maria overcome her anorexia nervosa ways. Her new diet plan contains her having breakfast, which will include, a bowl of Cheerios, (140 and 160 calories per serving), with a cup of orange juice (13 calories per serving), her lunch will contain, Subway – Italian BMT (450 calories) with a medium size coke (191 calories), and her dinner will have, Sweet and sour chicken with egg fired rice = 450 calories, Strawberry Ribena (156 calories). This will mean that Maris is eating every meal and not skipping any, as these are the types of foods she likes she is more likely to stick to it. This will mean that Maris has more energy throughout the day and not feel sleepy in college.
This plan would also include fruits on nuts which she can use as healthy snacks in between meals, this will mean that Maria doesn’t snack on junk and it doesn’t over fill her, so she doesn’t skip the...