Health and Social Care

Promote Professional Development


Change related to:
How did you find out about the change What action you took to implement any resultant changes How did the change impact on the quality of service delivered/or practitioner knowledge and skills

Health and safety care(safety and quality) bill

Internet publication,
I have read and reviewed the document, implemented some changes to the day care services.
The staff team was shown a copy of the bill, they have read and understood it, and are implementing it in their day to day practice.

V: V is for visual, individuals who prefer this style usually like description of information in maps, spider diagrams, charts graphs, symbolic arrows etc.

A: A is for Aura or Auditory. People who use this style like to hear spoken words or hear words. It includes talking out loud, or talking to oneself. People who prefer aura like to speak things out first, rather than think before speaking.

R: R is for read/write. This method of learning is usually used by people who can read and write. It is text based input and output. This could include reading or writing manuals, reports, essays, writing in diaries etc.

K: K is for Kinetics.. Individuals who use this method of learning are usually connected to reality, or use concrete nature examples. These individuals usually learn from experience of doing something, and they value their experience rather than others, hence their modality is referred to ‘’Perceptual preference related to the use of experience and practice’’.

My style of learning is read and write


Example of recent professional Development.
As we are a learning disability day service centre we support people with various needs, among them we have some who are totally a verbal they depend on sign language for communication.
I needed to a course in sign language(Makaton), this method of teaching and learning is used for a verbal...