Health and Social Care Unti 5

Unit 6 Task 1 Jade Chapman
Hand Out for Care Home staff induction.
Agreed ways of working Following, adhering and knowing the company's policies and procedures, guidelines and what
they mean and set out how your employer requires you to work, behave and present yourself
including various pieces of legislation as well to benefit and protect you, the individuals you
support, employer, colleges and members of the public. Agreed ways of working enables
yourself to provide a good quality of work and working within the policies and procedures
keeping those who you support and work with safe from danger harm and being vulnerable.
Service users care plans are also part of "agreed ways of working" where the management of
the individual's daily care needs are agreed and documented. It also will help you to find out
how and when care should be implemented.

Importance of having full and up to date details of the agreed ways of working
Agreed ways of working and legislation is always changing to benefit the individual and those
around them. Legislations are always being amended or changed because there may be a
breach in the legislation or agreed ways of working policy. Therefore there should always be a
up to date and full copy or in some cases multiple copies of these around the premieres and
easy routes and ways of accessing them outside of work i.e on the government website or CQC
website. If the agreed ways of working has changed and staff members are not adhering or
knowledgeable of the changes they could lose their jobs, face disciplinaires, be putting services
users in danger or making them vulnerable without realising.
Importance of why it is important that workers follow guidance about their limits of their
job role.
Recognising your role and limits, you will be able to prevent yourself and individual from harm
and danger. Also you would be able to learn your professional boundaries that means what you
are allowed or not allowed to do. In other words role and limits...