Health and Social Care P6

Alanta Haynes
Group 3
Scenario: H community centre - source uses: children, teenagers, older people, adults with learning disabilities. - Situation: the young people have been Cassini disturbance in the centre, the older people want the teenagers banned from the centre.
I took on the role/perspective as one of the staff working at the centre.

Our group got along really well. Everyone was given the chance to speak. No one pressured anyone so no one felt like they had to speak or contribute. This was good as it created a relaxed atmosphere within the group so everyone was quite calm and confident.

At the begging I did sense a slight bit of awkwardness for the first few minutes because no one really knew who to talk first. I fink this was due to the fact that no one really knew each other within the group so non of us really knew how to communicate efficiently as we didn't have much of a bond or understanding of each other as individuals. The child and teenager just seemed to look at me and the older person as if they were waiting on us to take charge of the I spoke first which I wasn't initially going to do at first because I didn't want to come across as bossy or controlling. But once we got talking the conversation started running smoothly.

There were no arguments or conflict amongst us from where I was sitting. Judging by everyone's facial expressions and body language everyone was really open minded and understanding of everyone's views. Although there was a moment where it did get a bit   heated. Between the teenager and old person. There voices did escalate and the teenager was talking over the older person and came across really defensive. The older person then tried to signal the young person to let them talk   with the use of hand gestures. But this was just down to the fact that they both really had a lot to say. I said what I wanted to say and so did everyone else so it was a fair and equal discussion.

I do enjoy working in...