Health and Social Care Induction Booklet

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|7/7/2014                                                                           |
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Welcome to your new role in Social Care. It is one in which you will make a difference to the lives of the people you work with.   You will be looking after vulnerable people, who may need help physically and/or emotionally. To help you do this there is a set of values and principles that you must adhere to.

The principles and values –


Everyone is different the way we live, the way we have our tea or coffee, when we choose to eat or drink. What we would like to be called. Check these details with the people you care for and stick to them.


We all have rights and just because we can no longer look after our selves this does not mean all our rights disappear, the right to go to bed when we want. The right to decide what to wear and which room we want to sit in.


If you were unable to choose anything for yourself ask yourself would you be happy if these choices were taken away from you!   The answer I‘m sure is no! Then why would the people you are caring for be any different.



If everyone just walked into your house without asking would you be happy, NO.   Knock on the door before entering a room; make sure the door is closed when carrying out personal hygiene. Protect the private information of the people you care for...