Nvq3 Health and Social Care

Unit 4223-304


  1. Identify legislation relating to health and safety in a health or social care work setting

      The HSE is the UK government body responsible for enforcing health and safety and work legislation.
      HSE also plays a major role in providing advice on health and safety issues
      plus guidance on relevant legislation.

  2. Explain the main points of health and safety policies and procedures agreed with the employer

      Employers: Work place regulations 1992 , makes sure that the work place is suitable for tasks to be carried out and does not present any risks to the employees.

      Annual reviews – e.g. Health and safety at work act 1974

      Safe access to the workplace
      Safe usage, handling and storage of dangerous substances
      Adequate staff training and staff welfare provisions.
      Keep health and safety updated plus staff

      Employers must also make arrangements to ensure the health and safety
      Of the work place , including plans in case of emergencies plus adequate information and training available for employees.
      (Management of H&S at work regulations 1999)
      There is also RIDDOR (reporting of injuries, diseases & dangerous occurrences regulations) 1995 – which requires employers to report work related deaths, major injuries , work related diseases and dangerous occurrences.

      Employees: must work safety in accordance with the training given to them.
      Must also notify/report to the employer or person responsible of any issues regarding health and safety.

  3. Analyse the main health and safety responibilities of:
      That we take responsible of our own health and safety.
      To take care not to put other employees or the public at risk
      To co-operate with your employer regarding training and making sure you have a clear understanding of the company’s procedures to...