Health and Social Care


TUTOR TALK: The Learning Outcomes for this unit are: • • • • Understand what is required for competence in own work role Be able to reflect on practice Be able to evaluate own performance Be able to agree a personal development plan

The Role and Duties of a Health and Social care worker The responsibilities and roles associated with the job vary considerably depending on the type of role or employment you are in and the size of the employer. There are equally challenging and rewarding roles in the public, private and volunteer sectors. There are also variations in the size of the organisations in that larger companies will no doubt have a formal induction procedure for you to ensure that you are familiar with their processes and policies, health and safety and lines of management so that you know who you are accountable to, whereas smaller organisations may not have such formality, but allow an element of ‘on the job’ training. Regardless of the formality of induction, there are certain requirements that you should be aware of when working in this area, which are laid down by the Sector Skills Council for Care. Information can be found at National Minimum Standards are used by inspectors who visit organisations to ensure that care services are being delivered at an acceptable, or appropriate, standard.

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National Occupational Standards (NOS) apply to how people actually carry out the work, so are the foundation for all qualitifactions in the UK. They identify knowledge and skills required and how to assess or test them. The Sector Skills Council sets the standards for the people working in the sector and the guidelines for employing people in the sector. To see the standards, log onto the skills for care site and see ‘Standards’ then ‘Codes of practice’. The organisations for...