Health and Disease

Health and disease assignment-Rubella

  1. On the 19th May 9L went to the library. We were asked to find books on a chosen disease.
Firstly Mrs Greenwell explained the two types of books we would be interested in. one type are found in the 640 range. The Dewey decimal system means the general number matches the topic. These books can be borrowed and tend to contain information that is suited to learners of varying age levels.
The other place to look for information is in the reference section, this contains encyclopaedias and other reference materials. The language of these books is more technical and similar to a dictionary. These books cannot be borrowed.
  2. The disease I have chosen is Rubella. I have found two information books and one encyclopaedia.

The book is called Communicable Diseases by Thomas H. Metos.

  3. One way of using the internet to find information is looking up the disease on There are countless amounts of results for the disease.                                                                                 Another way of fining information on the internet is going on to sites which are made by the government. These sites includes .gov , .edu or .org.

  4. Sites that end in .gov, .edu or .org are the most reliable site on the internet to find trustworthy information.


  6. My secondary sources are  
  7. Do you have a balance of print and internet resources
  8. Plagiarism-
  9. How are you going to avoid plagiarism in your written report?

Introduction- Rubella is a viral illness that causes a skin rash and joint pain. For most people, a rubella infection is mild but it is very dangerous in pregnant women. rubella can cause death or birth defects in an unborn baby. Sometimes rubella is still...