Health Promotion

Health promotion is a process of ensuring that public health is under control and that there is an improvement in the way it has been handled. It is known to be a powerful strategy which empowers social development and concentrate on factors that have influence in health inequalities. However it is a process which involved people and it deliberately strengthens the skills and capabilities of individuals to achieve a positive change. There are policies formulated on healthy life styles issues such as discouraging smoking, and encouraging healthier eating, sensible drinking and physical exercise. Nevertheless, careful attention needs to be given to the likely benefits and cost effectiveness of interventions.
Health promotion is known to have different approach such as the medical approach, the behavior approach and the society approach. Health promotion leads a wide range of sending messages to the public for example in local community, the use of leaflets and interaction of general public within certain groups within the society. The public obtain some information from their doctors, nurses, teachers and environmental health officers. This is advantageous in creating and promoting key health messages through day to day routine work. Leaflets are the backbone of health education activity. They can serve a wide variety of purposes such as informing, providing information, and giving advice about health issues. (Lanngridge,E et,al 2010)
Health protection
Health protection is a process of protecting the public from being contaminated from disease and it govern health and safety at work, food hygiene and policies to reduce smoking levels. It also involves measures to safeguard health. The government has recognized the current life expectance and they are working to undertake the overall increment of health inequalities.   Disease prevention and protection is a pillar of public health practice it aimed at addressing the burden of ill health. They are several ways of...